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An Update Regarding our Preliminary Renovation Plans & Capital Fund Appeal

An Update Regarding our Preliminary Renovation Plans & Capital Fund Appeal

St. John XXIII Parish

An Update Regarding our Preliminary Renovation Plans & Capital Fund Appeal


Parish leadership has been involved in a process of studying our current facilities and evaluating what is needed to ensure our parish is able to fulfill our mission.  This planning effort led to the recommendation to renovate and expand the St. Peter facility to accommodate the merger of parish and school activity to one campus while maintaining our three existing worship sites. Our focus throughout is on Christ… our desire to encounter Christ, be transformed by Christ, and accept Christ’s mission to spread the Gospel.


Here is a recap of the planning progress since the last Parish update in December:


  • After having received positive results from the feasibility study conducted last Fall, and after the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council agreed to move forward with plans to conduct a Capital Fund Appeal, we have since received approval from the Archdiocese to proceed with an Appeal in 2017.


  • A Capital Fund Appeal Core Team has been formed and has met several times to begin preparing for an Appeal to be conducted in the Summer & Fall of this year. Members of the team include:



  • Patrick Wendt
  • Deacon Mike Burch
  • Kristine Klein
  • Dan Becker
  • Bob Burant
  • Wayne Chrusciel
  • Chris Flint
  • Mark Goeden
  • Chuck Lanser
  • Jean Morell
  • Sheri Murphy
  • Allyson Olivier
  • Jim Pauley
  • Bob Peiffer
  • Betty Vande Boom
  • Mike Weiland
  • Marie Zirbes




  • The Core Team has been spending time reviewing the parishioner feedback received during the feasibility study. The preliminary conceptual plans are in process of being revised to address key concerns, and additional information is being gathered that will help respond to key questions that were raised.


  • In early Summer, an information brochure will be mailed to all parishioners. This brochure will lay the groundwork for the Capital Fund Appeal, including revised conceptual drawings, and additional information targeted to questions and comments shared by parishioners during the feasibility study.  Dialogue sessions will be conducted after the mailing is received as parishioner input continues to play an important part in this planning process.


  • In the Summer & Fall, the Capital Fund Appeal will be conducted. Parishioners will receive more information as the Appeal unfolds.  It is important to know that no final plans regarding the scope and nature of the renovation plans will be arrived at until after parishioners have responded to the Capital Fund Appeal.   At every step in this planning process, parishioner input will be important as we strive for the best possible project that meets the needs of our parish.  And ultimately, it will be our parishioners’ generous financial support of the Capital Fund Appeal that will determine the size of the project we can afford.


Please continue to pray for God’s blessings during this exciting, yet challenging, chapter in the life of our parish.  May God bless us all as we remain committed to responding to the call to grow as disciples through the sacramental life of the Church.