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August 2017 Messenger

Aug 4, 2017


Welcome to this issue of the Messenger. The St. John XIII Stewardship Commission works to highlight some of the many ways people are actively living out Christ’s message of love and service in our faith community. We hope you enjoy learning about what’s going on and we hope you will find something that inspires you to join us in those activities. God bless!

Stewardship Commission


Highlighted Commission of the Month---Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a consultative body. As such, it exists as a wisdom group commissioned to discern, proclaim, and make visible the presence and action of the Spirit within the community. Its very nature is to provide counsel. The council provides the means for the pastor to consult on important parish issues as well as set a direction for the community and have the capability to implement it. All the pastoral activity in a parish is organized under the pastoral council structure. The council serves as the wisdom group from the community which forms the parish.


Your Pastoral Council is such a body. Over the past 10 years or so the Council was involved in the decisions ranging from the formation of CAPS, the recommendation of our Clustering, the sale of properties, our Merger and naming as St John XXIII, the quest to participate in School Choice and now the launch of the Capital Fund Appeal to combine our school into one and create a place where we can Gather and Grow as one in faith. I hope you will give some thought to being the next Pastoral Council member when we begin our discernment process next spring. Please contact Chris Flint, Council President at 262-284-9348 or


Thank you to all who gave so generously of your time, talent and treasure

Fish day: Thank you to everyone who supported our parish by working at the St. John XXIII Fish Day tent. A special thank you to the Men's Society who organized and coordinated the entire event. It's a huge fund raiser and the parish as well as the community benefit greatly from what is raised. It was so great to see so many people working together.

Upcoming events

New Hymnals: We are looking for donations. Each $15 donation can be made in memory of a loved one or in honor of your family or friends, and the hymnal will have a dedication label inside the front cover. If you prefer you can donate anonymously with no name plate or have a generic name plate such as “For the People of St. John XXIII Parish” or “Soli Deo Gloria” (for the sole glory of God.)

Music on the Hill Concert Series -30 minute concert, held every Friday at noon through August 25th at St. Mary’s Church  featuring local and regional musicians.

Backpack Donations for Saukville: Last day to donate items is August 20th.  Distribution August 27th.                             


The Friday Mass soon be moving back to Immaculate Conception church. Watch the bulletin or Parish website at for more information.


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