St. John XXIII

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Baptism, the first and fundamental sacrament and the gate to the other sacraments, is the purifying and sanctifying sacrament of rebirth. It is the means by which its recipients are incorporated into the church in a sacramental bond of unity. The Rite of Baptism for Children states: "Before the celebration of the sacrament, it is of great importance that parents, moved by their own faith, or with the help of friends or other member of the community, should prepare to take part in the rite with understanding" (REC 5.1). 

To have your child Baptized in one of the churches in congregation you must be:

  1. A member of our church.

  2. Taken our Baptismal Preparation Class. You only need to take this class with your first child.
  3. Please fill out the General Information Form 

To sign up for the class please contact the parish office at 262-284-4266.


Marriage: click here for more information.


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