St. John XXIII Catholic Church

Parish Cemeteries

St. John XXIII Congregation has two cemeteries that serves as the final resting places for both members and non-member of our community. For more information or to purchase a lot, contact: Steve Ziebell at 262-284-6978-home  or 262-707-1465-Cell (Click here for email).


Cemetery Rules

Visiting Hours - sunrise to sunset

Landscaping and Decorations

  1. Planting of flowers and other decorations is limited to the area direction in front of the monument and no more than 12 inches in front of the monument.
  2. No tees, bushes or shrubs are allowed to be planted without written approval of the cemetery.
  3. The cemetery may trim, prune or remove any plantings as it deems necessary.
  4. Changing the surface of a lot is not permitted.
  5. Ground structures such as benches, bird baths, brick boards, decorative gravel, etc. are not permitted unless okayed by the cemetery in advance.
  6. All plantings and decoration will be removed if they have deteriorated to the point of distracting from the appearance of the cemetery. The cemetery expects the lot owners to remove seasonal decorations such as Christmas wreaths, etc. by May 1st or the cemetery will discard the items.
  7. No decorations, floral displays or other articles are to be affixed to any crypt at the mausoleum.

The Cemetery Association welcomes you to its beautiful facility and in partnership with the lot owners we can continue to enhance its beauty.

The St. Mary's Cemetery Associations

St. Mary's Cemetery Association for Port Washington and Saukville locations


Adult graves for all:  $850.00

Baby graves anywhere:  $350.00

Crypts Side by Side levels A,E,F:  $4750.00 

Crypts Side by Side levels B,C,D: $5500.00 

Crypts End to End levels A,E,F: $4000.00 

Crypts End to End levels B,C,D: $4750.00

Prices include Name and Date Plates

Wall Niches in or out of cross: $1200.00 

Columbarium Niches  

Single: $1400.00 

Double Prices: $2500.00

include Name and Date Plates


In ground internments: $600.00 

Weekend fee: $150.00 

Weekend After 4:00 pm: $150.00 

Winter burials: $400.00


Cremains in ground: $300.00 ( $100.00 extra for winter) 

Crypt entombments: $400.00 (year round)

Niche lnurnments: $300.00 (year round)