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Fr. Patrick Wendt

We are starting to take Mass intentions for 2016. Because we only have one priest (and a senior priest to help on weekends) to serve our cluster (soon to be One Parish), we have a limited number of Masses available for people. Some have suggested to me that one possible way to honor and remember our deceased members is to allow people to pay for lighting the St. Mary steeple. In that vein then, I have determined that if someone wants to have the steeple lights on in honor and memory of a departed love one, the cost will be similar to a Mass stipend cost. $10.00 per night, or $50.00 per week. We would list the names in the bulletin for the day/week. The steeple would be lit only if we have a sponsor for the lighting.

Amy Jo, one of our administrative assistants will coordinate this project. Please call her at the 284-4266 number.

Kicking off our year of Mercy, our parish cluster communal penance service with individual confession will take place on Thursday, December 3 at 6:30 pm at St. Mary’s Church.

Father Pat


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