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IMPORTANT UPDATE from the Desk of Father Pat

Dear Parish and School families of St. John XXIII,

Since our Gather & Grow capital fund appeal began in September of last year, we are extremely pleased with the generous contributions that have helped us reach our fundraising benchmarks. While the capital campaign has been highly successful, our building plan has been met with challenges. Heightened concern over optimal security and safety in schools and places of worship in our country has resulted in the need to modify our building plans at the St. Peter’s site. With the recent catastrophic events in Florida, Texas and other schools and churches, there is no question as to why this is a paramount issue in our country today. There have been 22 incidences in the U.S. where someone has been hurt in schools or churches since the beginning of the year. To address this significant issue, parish leadership is working diligently with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the Port Washington Police Department and our insurance carrier, Catholic Mutual on modification of architectural plans to optimize safety and security for our students and parishioners in the new structure.

Because of modification to the plans, additional structural design and maintenance costs over and above the original fundraising plan will occur. Relocation of classrooms, enhanced alarm and public-address systems and other changes to the new and existing structure are drivers for the increased cost. The main driver of increased cost are classrooms originally slated for the West wing have been moved to the new addition to consolidate the school into one secure area. This resulted in additional square footage. With that said, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to provide a very safe and secure environment for all who will benefit from the new school and parish facility. Now, our St. John XXIII Building Committee is working with the architects on the final architectural plan and latest cost estimates in preparation for Archdiocese approval in October.

To keep the project on track, we ask that you continue to fulfill any outstanding campaign pledges until the balance reaches $0. If you were unable to contribute during the initial fundraising period or made a onetime donation, please consider making a pledge or an additional pledge at this crucial time of our campaign.  If you are new to St. John XXIII parish or school you will soon receive information on the Gather & Grow fund appeal. For questions or more information on how you can contribute, please contact Mike Burch in the parish office at 262-284-4266.

Our goal to gather and grow as one in faith, education and community is moving closer to becoming a reality! We greatly appreciate the recent outpouring of generosity in support of the St. John XXIII Gather & Grow Capital Fund Appeal and ask for your prayerful consideration to continue and/or extend your financial support at this very important and exciting time in the history of our parish and school!

Look for more details of final building plans and project timing soon.

Peace & Blessings,

Fr. Pat Wendt



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