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Trustees—Part III

According to Parish Corporate Bylaws, the Trustee Treasurer’s particular responsibility is that of parish treasury activities. The Trustee -Treasurer is an ex-officio member or the pastoral council and may be required to serve on the finance council. The Trustee Secretary is responsible for maintaining record of all real property, property tax exemption, parish inventory and parish census. The trustee secretary is an ex-officio member of the pastoral council and may be required to serve on the finance council.
We will need to have in place our trustees as the new parish corporation gets off the ground. I would like to begin a period of calling for potential nominees (anyone who is qualified must be endorsed by at least 10 members of the parishes to be place on the ballot). I am hoping to hold an election just after Easter. I have nomination forms at
the parish office or if you would like to discuss the positions further with me, please call or email to set up a time to meet.
Consolidating everything to one campus: This is a current goal in our pastoral planning with the merging of our parishes and school. As we continue to look at space needs and conditions of buildings we have concluded that our School, Religious Education, and other groups will not be together at the St. Peter campus with the 2016/2017 school year. We are still planning on how this will happen, the costs to that move, and how to do this as efficiently as possible.


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