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From the Desk of Fr. Pat!

From the Desk of Fr. Pat!

Recovery of Fraudulent Funds - Update

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 7/03/19

Important information from the Desk of Father PatRecovery of Fraudulent Funds - Update

We have recently received more positive news in the recovery of fraudulent funds missing from our parish. Through an ongoing investigation conducted by Federal authorities, additional missing dollars have been located and returned to St. John ... Read More »

More News!

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 6/21/19

From the Desk of Father Pat… More News: We have received another payment from the insurance carriers in regard to our fraud scam in the amount of $71,800.00. Added to what I reported in last week’s bulletin that brings our recovery to $289,961.58. The investigation continues along with possible ... Read More »

Letter from Archbishop Listecki

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 1/18/19

From the Desk of Father Pat… Our parish recently received this letter from Archbishop Listecki: (edited for space) “Dear Father Wendt, I am pleased to congratulate you upon achieving your parish’s 2018 Catholic Stewardship Appeal goal of $115,000.00. In fact, your parish raised $121,550.00 to help support important ministries ... Read More »


Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 10/23/18

Dear Parish and School families of St. John XXIII,

Over the past several years, members of our parish and school have come together to achieve the goal of Gathering and Growing as ONE. One in Faith, Education and Community. Through multiple committees and countless hours, our volunteers and staff ... Read More »

Pastoral Council Openings

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 8/17/18

Because of a change in work time and a change in a parish position, we now have two openings on our Pastoral Council. Would you like to step out and become a part of the Pastoral Council? These are exciting times for the Council. We are in the midst ... Read More »

Gather & Grow

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 6/14/18

IMPORTANT UPDATE from the Desk of Father Pat

Dear Parish and School families of St. John XXIII,

Since our Gather & Grow capital fund appeal began in September of last year, we are extremely pleased with the generous contributions that have helped us reach our fundraising benchmarks. While the ... Read More »

Combined Collections

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 6/01/18

Your contribution to the Combined Collections: The Church in the United States aids the work of the National Religious Retirement Office, Catholic Communication Campaign, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic University of America and Black and Indian Mission. This collection offers a wonderful opportunity to support hands-on efforts to ... Read More »

St. John XXIII Parish Trustees:

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 5/23/18

Two people have offered their time and talents to fill our Trustee positions, so there is no need for an election this term for Trustees. Bill Henkle will continue in his role as Trustee-Treasurer, and Christine Flint will step into the role of Trustee-Secretary. I have submitted both names ... Read More »

Building and Grounds

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 5/18/18

I was at the last Building and Grounds Committee meeting in May because they are going through some leadership changes. They also have a need for ‘new blood’ (as do most of our Commissions and committees). The Committee oversees our three parish sites, helps in planning upkeep and repairs, ... Read More »

1st Communion & Confirmation

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 4/19/18

The next two weekends we will be celebrating First Communion with our young children. So we welcome their families and friends as they take the next step in their journey of discipleship at our various weekend Masses. And on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13 we will be welcoming Bishop ... Read More »


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