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From the Desk of Fr. Pat!

From the Desk of Fr. Pat!

Combined Collections

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 6/01/18

Your contribution to the Combined Collections: The Church in the United States aids the work of the National Religious Retirement Office, Catholic Communication Campaign, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic University of America and Black and Indian Mission. This collection offers a wonderful opportunity to support hands-on efforts to ... Read More »

St. John XXIII Parish Trustees:

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 5/23/18

Two people have offered their time and talents to fill our Trustee positions, so there is no need for an election this term for Trustees. Bill Henkle will continue in his role as Trustee-Treasurer, and Christine Flint will step into the role of Trustee-Secretary. I have submitted both names ... Read More »

Building and Grounds

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 5/18/18

I was at the last Building and Grounds Committee meeting in May because they are going through some leadership changes. They also have a need for ‘new blood’ (as do most of our Commissions and committees). The Committee oversees our three parish sites, helps in planning upkeep and repairs, ... Read More »

1st Communion & Confirmation

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 4/19/18

The next two weekends we will be celebrating First Communion with our young children. So we welcome their families and friends as they take the next step in their journey of discipleship at our various weekend Masses. And on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13 we will be welcoming Bishop ... Read More »

Catholic Stewardship Appeal

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 2/09/18

As we looked out into the pews we realized that this year’s theme, “Decide to Lead”, is a theme so many of you have already incorporated into your lives. Once again we achieved our annual CSA goal while at the same time your support of our Gather and Grow capital ... Read More »

Good News…Bad News…

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 8/04/17

Looks like they are winding up the road reconstruction in Saukville around our parish church. I’m planning on moving the Friday morning Mass back to Saukville on Friday, August 11. My thanks for those who braved the road work and detours on Sundays.

The bad news…we still are on ... Read More »

Pastoral Council Report

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 7/07/17

St. John XXIII Pastoral Council Report: Our Pastoral Council met on Tuesday, June 27 (our usual monthly meeting day and time - 4th Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the St. Peter campus school cafeteria). We discerned officers for the Council: Chairperson: Chris Flint, Vice Chairperson: Dan Olivier, Secretary: Linda ... Read More »

Discernment & Anointing of the Sick

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 3/24/17

From the Desk of Father Pat…It is that time of our parish church year that we begin to recruit new members for our councils and commissions. Next weekend Council members will be speaking at all our Masses and nomination forms will be in the churches the following weekend. Our ... Read More »

Lent 2017

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 2/24/17

Our season of Lent begins this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. Please see the schedule of the Masses and prayer service in the listing of services elsewhere in this bulletin. Also please note the basic guidelines for Lenten practices also noted elsewhere in this bulletin. (Except of course for St. Patrick’s ... Read More »

A Few Items:

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 8/12/16

Join us for the celebration of our new parish on Sunday, September 11 at the 10:30 am Mass at St. John XXIII at the St. Peter of Alcantara Church. Archbishop Listecki will be the main celebrant of the Mass. Yeah, I know its September 11, and the Packers play ... Read More »


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