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Census Update!

Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 6/16/22

Okay, folks, it’s census completion crunch time, with just two weeks left to have as many of our nearly 1600 primary family members complete SJ23 Census 2022 as possible. Thankfully, as of June 15, over half (798) of these parishioners have done so, with 781 (98%) affirming their SJ23 ... Read More »


Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 4/27/22

After just one week since our bulk mailing to all 1,587 primary SJ23 family members, we have on record, we are pleased to report that 320 have already completed our census. That’s better than 20%, and of those who have responded, 312 (97.5%) have affirmed their St. John XXIII ... Read More »


Posted by Amy Jo Schmit on 10/21/21

In the Gospel of Mark 7:32, we read about Jesus curing a deaf man with a speech impediment. As stated in the Little Burgundy Book, “what a moment that must have been.” In His infinite wisdom, the Lord has blessed every one of us with tailor-made gifts. When we ... Read More »


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