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Census Update!

Okay, folks, it’s census completion crunch time, with just two weeks left to have as many of our nearly 1600 primary family members complete SJ23 Census 2022 as possible. Thankfully, as of June 15, over half (798) of these parishioners have done so, with 781 (98%) affirming their SJ23 membership. And, of the 17 indicating they are no longer members, 10 are now affiliated with another Catholic  parish. Are you a primary family member who has yet to complete the census? If so, please do so ASAP by:

1. Clicking on the ST. JOHN XXIII PARISH CENSUS link on the homepage of our website (www.stjohn23rd.org),
2. Scrolling to and then tapping on SJ23 2022 Census on our app (search on SJ23),
3. Having someone help you complete the census through our website or app, or
4. Calling the parish office (262-284-4266) and having Amy Jo or Sandy (our delightful administrative assistants) partner with you
to complete the census.
Not sure if you are a primary family member? Simply call the parish office to find out and, if so, complete the census while you’re at it.
Let’s all pull together to determine with certainty who the members of St. John XXIII Catholic Parish are by the end of this month!


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