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Walking in the Foot Prints of Jesus

Dec 14, 2018

A Discipleship Journey
Discipleship Habit #1:
Pray Every Day
Grow into Jesus AND Each Other
Week 14
December 9, 2018 St. John XXIII Parish
Port Washington/Saukville

This weekly material is offered to support our Discipleship Journey as we walk in the foot
prints of Jesus.
We encourage you to use this material as a part of your daily prayer practice as follows:
v Begin with the Opening Prayer.
v Reflect on Prayer.
v Pray with Scripture.
v Pray with Lectio Divina.
v Close with the Closing Prayer.
Let us pray for each other that we are transformed, as individuals and as community, by
this Discipleship Journey.
Walking in the Foot Prints of Jesus
Small Group Discussion Opportunity!
Join Us!
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
@ A Place to Be – Spirituality Center
December 9, 2018 St. John XXIII Parish
Port Washington/Saukville

Opening Prayer
Lord Jesus, we praise You for You are patient!
You lovingly wait for us to come to You and long to listen to us.
Forgive us for the times in our lives when we have not drawn close to You in
In Your Scripture You tell us, “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by
prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.
Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts
and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6 - 7)
We claim this promise.
Thank You for being so available to us.
Help us to know that You long to meet with us in prayer.
Lord, teach us how to pray.
Give us the desire to get to know You in prayer every day and the discipline to
guard our prayer time when busyness tempts us away from You.
Jesus, we trust in You. We make this prayer in the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Reflection on Prayer
As turning to Jesus in prayer becomes a habit in your life, you will not
only grow in friendship with Him, you will also grow into deeper
friendship with His people, both near and far. We grow into Jesus and
each other at the same time. But the only way for any of this to start
happening is for us to start praying. We need to start making prayer a
habit if it isn’t already. Like the mustard seed, we need to start small so
Jesus can help our prayer grow into something big. So, practice taking at
least 10 minutes a day to have a conversation with the Lord. Speak to
Him from your heart and listen to Him dwelling in your soul. Foster the
habit of personal prayer to encounter Christ!
This month, we explore how Jesus prayed to His Father. He had to find time
amidst all the needs of others. He had to find a quiet place, to go away. He had
to carve out time for God in both his schedule and in his heart. Jesus faced
some of the same challenges in prayer as we do today.
Jesus invites you, here and now, to a life of deeper prayer and a life of deeper
discipleship. If you ask, you will receive. If you seek, you will find. If you
knock, the door will be opened for you.
What small 10 minute activity can you put aside to make room for your
conversation with Jesus each day?
December 9, 2018 St. John XXIII Parish
Port Washington/Saukville

Praying with Scripture
Mark 1:32 - 39
When it was evening, after sunset, they brought to Jesus all who were ill or
possessed by demons. The whole town was gathered at the door. He cured
many who were sick with various diseases, and He drove out many demons,
not permitting them to speak because they knew Him.
Rising very early before dawn, Jesus left and went off to a deserted place,
where He prayed.
Simon and those who were with Him pursued Him and on finding Him said,
“Everyone is looking for You.” He told them, “Let us go on to the nearby
villages that I may preach there also. For this purpose, have I come.” So, He
went into their synagogues, preaching and driving out demons throughout the
whole of Galilee.
At the beginning of this passage, what time is it? Based on the text, what kind
of a day has it been for Jesus? How do you think he was feeling at the end of
What obstacles did Jesus have to overcome to be able to spend time in prayer?
What obstacles in your life make it difficult for you to spend time in prayer?
In this passage, what time did Jesus choose to pray? What time of day works
best for you to pray?
In this passage, where did Jesus choose to pray? What physical space or place
in your home or community can you go to pray daily? What might you need to
do to make that place an easier place for you to pray?
How do you think Jesus is calling you right now through this passage? How
are you going to respond?

Praying with Lectio Divina
The Scriptures are God’s Word revealed to his people. He continues to speak to us through
them today. Learning to listen to God speak through Scripture is like learning any new
language. It takes practice.
One way the Church has taught us to listen to God speaking through the Scripture is Lectio
Divina. Begin by selecting a passage from Sacred Scripture with which you may wish to
pray. Some suggestions might be:
John 10:1 – 21: Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and He knows me by name.
Luke 5:27 – 32: Jesus comes to people just like me.
Luke 15:1-7: Jesus comes after us, even when we’re lost.
Mark 9:14 – 29: Sometimes I don’t have enough faith; help me have more, O Lord.
Matthew 14:13 – 21: Jesus heals and feeds all hungry people.
Isaiah 43:1 – 7: You are precious in my eyes, and I love You.
Lectio Divina can also be used to reflect on a spiritual writing:
The task of taking God to others is not that of handing somebody a Bible or
some religious literature, but of transubstantiating God the way we do with
the food we eat. We have to digest something and turn it, physically, into the
flesh of our own bodies so it becomes part of what we look like. If we would
do this with the word of God, others would not have to read the Bible to see
what God is like, they would need only to look at our faces and our lives to
see God. (The Holy Longing, p. 102)
Lectio Divina method:
1. Open in prayer – that the Holy Spirit will be present and speak through the
Scripture: “Holy Spirit, please come and speak to me through this scripture passage.
Show me how to pray.”
2. Read the scripture slowly. “Listen” prayerfully in your heart for what word, phrase,
or verse “jumps out” at you: “What word or phrase are you drawing me to?”
3. Read the scripture a second time and meditate on what this word might mean for
your life right now: “God, what do You want to say to me through this word right
4. Read the scripture a third time and talk with God about what He wants you to do
with or about that word: “God, what do You want me to do with this?”
5. Spend some time sitting with God and let that word “sink in.” Talk with God about it
and perhaps journal about what you think He may want to say to you and what He’s
calling you to do.
6. Express your gratitude to God for all He did in this time of prayer: “God, thank You
for this time and for what You’re showing me. Help me to respond to this word today.”
December 9, 2018 St. John XXIII Parish
Port Washington/Saukville

Closing Prayer
Show me, O Lord, Your mercy,
and delight my heart with it.
Let me find You whom I so longingly seek.
See, here is the man/woman
whom the robbers seized, mishandled,
and left half dead on the road to Jericho.
O kindhearted Samaritan come to my aid!
I am the sheep who wandered into the wilderness –
seek after me and bring me home again to Your fold.
Do with me what You will,
that I may stay by You all the days of my life
and praise You with all those
who are with You in heaven for all eternity.
St. Jerome


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