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Last week it was announced that a small group of dedicated parish volunteers, in coordination with the Pastoral Council and the Parish Leadership Team, has started the process of developing a long-term plan for the parish.  It should have been mentioned that our Parish School is also involved in the process.  The school does have its own Strategic Plan that is part of its accreditation, and they will be included in the Parish plan to help build both the school and the parish. Currently, the team is collecting and analyzing historical data, surveys, and current trends from our parish and others within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. As the group has identified a March 2020 rollout of the plan, much is needed to be done in a deliberate and strategic way.

The focus of the team will be long-term growth for St. John XXIII.  “Long term” can be defined as a three-year plan that will continue to be modified and well evolve moving forward. While specific goals have not yet been defined, due to the work done for our Parish Identity it is quite apparent that most in our parish want a welcoming, faith filled environment for all, and the challenge will be to develop the strategies necessary to achieve that type of community.

Active parishioner engagement will be sought throughout our process and will be significant in the decision making in the development of our future roadmap. Updates will be communicated to the parish throughout the plan development, so please stay tuned for more updates and for opportunities to provide input to the team.

Long-Term Growth and Engagement Planning Team – Paul Schueller, Bob Peiffer, Bob Henkle, Peggy Pfeiffer, Maria Garbisch, and Wayne Chrusciel