St. John XXIII Catholic Church

Proposal for the Enhancement of Immaculate Conception Gathering Space

The objective of this effort is to enhance the look of the Immaculate Conception vestibule and breezeway. This objective would achieve several goals. First, the enhancement creates a more open, welcoming space with areas for community-building and hospitality to occur. In addition, the proposed changes provide an organized, neat area for community flyers, liturgical information and fundraising efforts without cluttering up the gathering space.    

In preparing this proposal, we drew on the many striking features in the architecture of this area, bringing them to life with some simple additions and modifications. One parishioner has already stepped forth to offer her time, talent and/or treasure to make this happen and others will be invited to participate. Overall, the proposed revamping can be done at a relatively small cost. 


  • Showcase some of the existing beautiful decorations (i.e. cross, Jesus and Mary statues)
  • Repurpose the reconciliation room for better storage of lector and devotional materials.
  • Designated a wall-affixed brochure and document display to eliminate the table clutter.
  • Create storage spaces in the tables and ottoman.
  • Provide comfortable sitting areas designed to promote small group discussions and community-building.
  • Provide nice tables that can be used for holding decorations or lamps to create a nice atmosphere; tables will also be used to during hospitality Sunday.

Other ideas that could be implemented

  • Install a framed painted chalkboard on one wall for messages, discussions or prayers.
  • Upgrade fabric face bulletin boards if necessary to display more information.
  • Create painted scripture passages on walls.

Budget/Materials needed

  • Paint - 6 gallons and other painting supplies cost $200
  • Volunteers needed, paint suggestions and discount provided by DK Painting
  • Furniture cost about $190
  • Tables (5)
  • Chairs (2)
  • Ottoman (1)
  • Couch (1)
  • Lamps (3)
  • Shelving
  • Plants (5-6) cost about $150-$200 (Live or fake)
  • Brochure/flyer/book display
  • Material cost about $175
  • Misc materials/hardware about $100

Total estimated cost = $2500

Volunteers will be solicited to do as much of the physical improvements as possible.

The Welcome Committee hopes to fund this exciting project through your donations. We have already received over $3,000 in donations!! To contribute toward this worthwhile project, please contact Kelly Lemens at 284-4266 or drop off donations at the Parish Office (please clearly indicate “IC Remodel” on the envelope). Thank you for your support!!

 IC Modeled Renderings 

IC Modeled RenderingsIC Modeled Remodel

Renderings of proposed changes (preliminary, not all changes are modeled)