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Partial reopening of St. Mary's

Although it is anticipated that all of the replacement concrete for both the entryway stairs and handicap ramp will be in place by this weekend (September 24/25), completing the corresponding railing installation in time to allow those who need to use the handicap ramp cannot be assured until two weeks later (October 8/9). Consequently, those who need to use the ramp should refrain from attending our St. Mary’s church site until then. Again, our apologies for this delay, but we need to ensure the ramp is entirely safe before reopening it. On the plus side, by the time that occurs, we will have our new entryway doors installed, including those that auto operate at the west entrance to which the handicap ramp leads.

Along with the entryway steps and handicap ramp, a large portion of the sidewalk leading from the Franklin Street steps to the church is also being replaced. This will complete the first phase of our St. Mary’s Church site concrete replacement work (by far the more complicated), with phase two tentatively scheduled for this upcoming spring at which time the drive-through surface concrete and curbing will be replaced.